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post 138

it is a full moon.

in an empty house that is not mine,

a cat screams for its babies that were taken away today.

confused from loss.

she no longer has a purpose.

she used to scavenge for food.

now she lives in a house looking for her babies

who will not remember her much longer.

she will never forget and will always wonder…

where did her babies go?

i do not speak her language

but i know what she means.

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hocus pocus

my words have made someone else lose their mind.

everything in its right place.

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i didnt know what was birds and what were ashes.

photo booth pictures

from a playing card hotel.

lost or burned

along with the memories and dreams.

past and future lives giving the present meaning

but when the dreams are rejected or neglected

all the meaning drifts away

and the present is no gift

its just a vacuum

and who wants that for their birthday?

no more meaning.

this makes no sense.

eye no.

the bird flew away

and mom dont care.

columbian mirror dreamer

she dreams of dreaming and opens up a door in the center of her brain. 

living in paradise she takes pictures of questioned beauty.

the questions make her sad and

an invisible thread in space connects and sends transmissions

back and forth in a dream with an invisible man.

always and forever.

a seed is planted and the mirror starts to blur before it clears itself up

in order for paradise and all the reflected beauty to be perceived as it should.


a dream within a dream.

a photograph of a mirror with a dreamer inside.

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tight rope moon walker at a party with hollywoods best

two worlds.

a line between, or a tight rope.

what is now, will be used to be

and what is coming is how it used to be

stuck between reality and imagination

but reality has become a show

and the imagination is becoming truth

we know nothing

except what we have experienced and feel.

walking the tight rope.

drunkenly, foolishly and absurdly

taking part in the show

so the credits can roll

and we can go back to how it used to be.

at the end and in the beginning.

forever and ever

over and over.

do you hear the chorus?

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dream on the double.

in my dream i have this house. it is nothing special.  things are made of wood. there is a wrap around porch with rocking chairs and a swing.  there is a room with bookcases to the ceiling.  the house is miles away from anyone but there is a cute little downtown area where i can go for things i need or to socialize.  there is a river in my backyard and it flows into gigantic lake a couple miles away.  i can catch fish in this river and cook them on a fire in my backyard.  i have a garden where i grow more things than i can consume myself so i give the excess away.  i have a a marijuana garden where i also grow more than i can consume and i give the excess away.  there is a fireplace inside and a fire pit outside.  i have electricity but i use oil lamps most of the time.  there is a trail and it goes down a hill for a few miles to a secluded section of the shore of the giant lake.  there is a dock.  i walk down to the dock and jump in at least once a day.  i swim out and look back and see a woman sitting on the dock with her legs dangling in.  we dont need to be together all the time but we are because we want to be.  when we are in a room together we are the same as we would be if we were completely alone. nothing matters and everything is fun. i have had this dream a handful of times over the past 6 or 7 years.  there were times when i thought i found that woman on the dock but it never ended up that way.

dreams are silly.

but i like to dream.

and i cant wait to go to sleep every night. 

for multiple reasons.

i wonder if other people have dreams that haunt them, drive


i am a ghost

made up of ghosts

i am a tape recorder

recording a tape

encoded in the system

re-programming the program

i know so much i know nothing

i have seen so much i see through everything

zoooooooooom out.

i see you.

dreams come true

as i disappear

because so do mine

for you.